mDrift – The story!

Ritwik S B | Sep 21st, 2016

One of the core ideas that inspired the conception of mDrift was a dream about a company that
creates ‘status quo defying’ systems. Ever since the first project in UK, mDrift focused Its energy
in following the principle famously stated by Larry page , ‘Always deliver more than expected’.
Combining these two ideas greatly contributed in the rocket fueled growth of the company in the
past couple of years.
Be it a problem that has already been solved and with a detailed and established solution
structure, or a problem that is novel and unprecedented , mDrift believed that there is always a
better way to solve a particular problem. This deliberate and painful focus to perpetually improve
the solutions, greatly helped in establishing a name for ourselves and in gaining momentum.
One of the recent challenges that came our way was a billing solution for a Telecom Services
Provider. Due to the widely inhomogeneous structure of their organization, a direct approach
was deemed impractical by our in house consultants by the start of the project. A complex
dynamic architecture that could transform itself according to the scenario was built to tackle this
problem. The final round of the selection process included four other well established billing
solutions. Despite the newcomer status, the project was awarded to mDrift seeing the efficiency
and adaptability of the solution. The same solution is set to be deployed again in the Middle east
by the beginning of 3Q 2016.
Another interesting problem that mDrift tackled was to build a central platform for financial
institutions, originally in African continent, to communicate with their Financial Intelligence
Centers ( The anti money laundering division of our Reserve Bank equivalent). One of the main
challenge in the project was the inconsistency of IT infrastructure throughout the banking
networks which resulted in poor communication. Many of the bank branches in the country that
was ground zero for the project, barely had a dial­up internet connection and a PC that could
send an Email. This level of systems and communication was to be used to build a platform that
should collect , process, monitor analyse and hypothesize a whole country’s banking activities.
This challenge was solved largely shifting the weight of computations in the centralised servers
and making the lower level executives capable of communicating with the system by just Email
attachments. A mere dial up connection and a PC that could send excel files with size in KBs
was sufficient to participate in the process. This was widely appreciated among the other unique
characteristics of the solution. This solution is often cited to have a more realistic approach than
the software supported by United Nations in the fight against money laundering.
Projects and solutions like this presented ourselves with a new problem. Expansion of the team
with capable minds that could carry forward this set of values and innovative thinking. This
problem didn’t manifest itself till we started our hiring process and spend a few weeks in it. Most
of the suitors that dressed up for the vacancies with us were not all bad. Many of them were
good in their respective domain. But most of them lacked the critical ability that were looking
for,to state again, the mindset to challenge the status quo.
Building an organization that challenges the system from the very products of the system is a
greatly challenging task. The company’s hiring process started to take extensive periods of
times to fill single vacancies.
NITC as an institute, takes great pride in its world class facilities, unmatchable syllabus,
dedicated faculties. But another contributing factor to the performance of the institute is the
atmosphere that fosters a rebellious academic curiosity. Rather than swallowing the half
digested information globules, the students are challenged constantly to push their limits. This
atmosphere enabled us to think beyond the coloring lines, and to acquire a mentality that greatly
helps in finding answers.
National institute of Technology Calicut is the womb where mDrift was conceptualised. Realising
the depth to which our alma mater gave us edge over others was a pivotal moment in our
company’s recruitment strategy. Now we focus our recruitment mostly on NITC alumni pool. The
key positions in the company hierarchy are held by people from the same pool. The effect of this
change was substantial and evident.